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PGA ExecuSearch Consultant
Metropolitan; Central New York; Western New York; NE New York

Jonathan Gold, PGA

Jonathan Gold, PGA serves as the PGA ExecuSearch Consultant for the Metropolitan, Central New York, Western New York, and Northeastern New York PGA Sections.

He believes strongly in PGA professionals and their positive impact on both the golf operation and the local community. Throughout his tenure, he has a track record of fostering long-term relationships between PGA professionals and their employers. Previously, he served as PGA of America’s Player Development Regional Manager. Responsibilities as Player Development Regional Manager include outreach to women, minorities, and junior golfers, which underscores that golf is a game for everyone. As a Player Development Regional Manager, Jonathan successfully grew participation in golf in the NY metropolitan region, which in turn strengthened the employment status of PGA professionals and the golf industry in the tri-state area.

He has been tasked with growing the game and providing professionals with the necessary tools, strategies, and education to implement at the facility level. Meeting with hundreds of facilities in the region, Jonathan has proved to increase resources, value, participation, employment opportunities, and revenue at hundreds of facilities during his tenure. He has worked will all types of facilities, owners, professionals, and operators to successfully change the culture and create healthier, thriving facilities and employer-employee relationships in the current golf environment. In addition, he has conducted growth of the game, youth and family, connecting with her, employment and other various viable education seminars nationally for industry professionals.

Jonathan graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in Professional Golf Management and minoring in Business Administration. Both first-time golfers, he and his father decided to approach a PGA professional about golf instruction. Learning a new activity together, they strengthened their father-son bond. It was from that day Jonathan saw the profound impact a PGA professional has on their students. Twenty-two years later both he, his father, and his son can be found playing together almost every weekend.

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